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White Linen Night in the Heights #SLGT

J.R. Cohen


White Linen Night in the Heights has been doing SLGT since before it had a name. On the first Saturday in August, local businesses in the Heights throw open their doors, stay open late, and host open houses and parties for the crowds of people walking through the Heights. Great minds really do think alike.

This year, SLGT is throwing a party of its own! Many thanks to our host - we'll be at Christine Tremoulet's photography studio. Also there at the party will be artwork from Jen Mathis, TTV (Through-The-Viewfinder) photography from Elaine Mesker-Garcia, music by Kenneth Scott  and Andrew Karnavas

We’ll be getting things started around 6pm and will be the AFTER PARTY from 9pm to 12am!

Where it’s at:
SLGT @ Christine Tremoulet photography studio
1024 Studewood St.
Houston, TX 77008

A special thanks to the following #SLGT supporters

Danelle Guilbeau - a Realtor® for Boulevard Realty in Houston, TX.
Robert Guilbeau – Home Inspection

Victor Halfon of Fleischer Wines

Mike Tremoulet


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