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About We #SLGT

Support Local, Grow Together #SLGT

We are a MOVEMENT to ensure the future of Houston’s LOCAL

  • Community – our neighborhoods, families, and lifestyle
  • Business – products, services, arts, and culture
  • Economy – opportunities, infrastructure, and sustainability

Consumers #SLGT whenever they CHOOSE LOCAL: supporting local HOUSTON artists, musicians, restaurants, and small businesses with their dollars, their attention, and their referrals.

Businesses #SLGT when they CHOOSE LOCAL: helping other local businesses to grow through collaboration, shared resources, and public awareness. They also #SLGT when they grow with LOCAL community consciousness

Be Seen By Your Community

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When you sign up to join the #SLGT Business Community, you will receive a listing of your business/practice/etc., and be able to reach a community of users who are actively looking to Support Local and Grow Together.

We seek to create a CULTURE of LOCAL SELF-SUFFICIENCY that THRIVES financially and creatively, through

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Charity Drives
  • Social Media
  • Certification for Qualified Businesses
  • Consumer “Perks” from #SLGT members

Today, Houston: Tomorrow, The World: One community at a time.

Be a part of #SLGT! Watch this web site for updates on participating #SLGT businesses, event information, and other cool stuff.